Sunday, June 1, 2008

2nd Rocker

I finished painting the 2nd refurbished rocker.
I am going to attempt to weave a seat for this rocker.

I did take a textiles class in college, where we learned to use a loom and make fabric.
Somewhere I still have bits of that fabric.

Making the seat, will be more like basket weaving, which was a course I did not take in college.

Stay tuned for the Sunday walk post later this afternoon. I have been on the walk and I am uploading pics as I type.

Also does anyone have a good link for HTML directions on making the blog 3 column?

See ya again in a bit.


*plum*tree*studio* said...

love the color jenni!!

Jen & Stan said...

Hello Jenni,
If you let me know which template from blogger you chose I can open it here and see how easy it is...typically only a few simple changes to widths. Email me at

Anonymous said...

Country Doctor's Wife did a tutorial on how to switch to 3 column. Search her blog...

---Renovation Therapy

C&C said...

The orange looks GREAT! Love your blog, the farm pics are so fun!