Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lucky Dogs = Lucky People

This is Lucky, the black and white Little People dog with a yellow collar. He was found under the house.

This is Puppy, the black and white dog with a red collar. He too, was found under the house, our old house. Really, he was. Someone dumped him there when he was just a baby.

A tiny, crying, shivering, dirty, flea infested, little puppy was dumped at our old house.

"Do not give the dog a name."

"If you give the dog a name, you will keep him."

I did give him a bath because our other dogs did not need fleas. We did give him food because he was hungry and no one should go hungry. We did do our best not to get attached. He did not come inside like the other dogs. ( Chris had a Border Collie, Max and I had a Cocker Spaniel, Beau. ) We did try to find him a home. Months go by.....Nobody wanted a black lab mix dog.
He did start answering to.... Puppy.

However Lucky, would have been a good name.

If were were going to name him and keep him and all.

Sometimes I wonder just who is the luckiest.
Do you have a Lucky Dog=Lucky People story?


Sandy said...

I just love Puppy and his gray muzzle. Give him a good scratch for me!

Karen in Wichita said...


We took a long time to name Sequoia for exactly that reason.

She kinda-sorta belonged to our neighbor, who had her littermate(?). He fed both dogs, but only the little male was in the pen (which he regularly climbed out of) and when the male died, he stopped feeding Sequoia. When we figured out what was going on, we decided to take her to the shelter, but when we discovered she had parvo(!), we took her to the vet instead. We already had a dog, and the vet said she'd hit 100-120 pounds. Nobody wanted a giant Shepherd mix dog, either.

Eventually, it came time for her booster vaccination, and she had a name, and the vet revised his estimate of her age (she was malnourished so her teeth were behind schedule) to a month older and eventual weight to 60 pounds (spot on).

She turned out to be the Best. Dog. Evar. We're lucky, too.

Jen & Stan said...

I think we found the owners of your dog buried in our basment wall...the one with the yellow collar of course. Not a conventinal couple - a blonde asian woman and a little red headed girl!

Picture here -->

Great post!

Jen said...

What a great story, and a lucky puppy.

Have you read Mostly Bob? It's a really nice little book about a rescued dog.

Anonymous said...

This is a great are the
lucky ones to have Puppy. He's a fine companion, very loyal. He knows who loves him.

natalie said...

now, there's two cute puppies if i ever saw one! :-)

Jenni said...

Jen,I have not read that book, I think I would use a whole box of Kleenex.

Sandy,Puppy enjoyed his scratch.

Jen&Stan, You do have interesting finds. I found a ton of ebay hits on Little People and there appears to be quite a Little People collector following. Mom hear that. Keep saving all those Little People.

Thanks Natalie, you have a great pup too.

Karen another good Lucky Dog story. :)

Oh, I need to feed my lucky dog. See ya :)

Laur said...

how about a lucky cat = lucky people story. . .

We have cats, lots of a cats, and the last thing we needed was another cat. . .

But then my lovely neigbor (a vet tech) called us over to she the kitten she was taking care of. Now when I say kitten I mean kitten - she was about 3 days old and looked more like a hamptser than a cat.

The poor thing was an orphan - mama cat had climbed into a snowbird's shed to give birth and was in such a rush to get her kittens out when the snowbirds showed up that she left the runt, and didn't come back for her :(

She ends up at our neighbor's office, and she volunteers to do the night feedings (with a bottle, every few hours). . . So stupid us, we go over the see little kitten - and then offer to baby sit while neighbor lady goes to church, by the time she came home we let her know that we wanted frist dibs on her when she was old enough - well the next day she stopped by kitten in tow and hands her to me - she's old enough, here's your dibs. . .

And we've loved our little Dibbs ever since. . .

~sorry so long~

Jenni said...

Laur- That is a good story. Good luck on your house find. Growing up we had a cat named Nibbles, that my grandmother found as a tiny baby, and we just had to bring home from a visit. Nibbles lived 18 or 19 years. (Mom, correct me on the age?)

Lucky Cat = Lucky People Stories are good too.

Andrea said...

My husband found our dog as a puppy under his work trailer at a job site. No one claimed her so he brought her home. The general contractor said she had been there several days. She was beautiful, looked just like a black lab. We took her to the vet the next day. He said she was part lab and part shepherd. When she got a little older her ears started standing straight up like a german shepherd. She has gained weight and looks somewhat like a pot bellied pig now.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Puppy's muzzle is so smoochable!

---Renovation Therapy

Nate said...

No, no real dog. I did have the little plastic one though. It went to some sort of fischer price toy set. Maybe a house with a family? I don't remember.

I didn't recognize it at first, covered in dirt, but then it brought back fuzzy memories from childhood.


Jenni said...

Nate! How is NYC?

RT- His nuzzle is smooch worthy. :)

Andrea-good story.

Karen in Wichita said...

Oh, and obligatory non-little Little People Dog:

I had (have?) somewhere, a less-dirty version of the FP dog, along with a jointed quadrupedal version from the farm set:

(That leads to a link that'll potentially date your found doggie, too.)

Green Fairy said...

I've had dogs, cats, and critters running around for as long as I can remember, and I've loved them all. But the story that stands out most in my mind is a bird story.

I was 10 or so when I went to the pet store with my dad. We spotted a blue and white parakeet, and there was never an uglier bird. Her wings were malformed and she had what looked like bed head or something going on with her feathers. She was in a cage with about twenty other parakeets, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how she had made it to the pet store. I mean it, she was a really ugly bird.

But when she spotted my dad and me, she flew to the front of the cage, chirped happily at us, turned around, stretched out one wing, and looked over her shoulder at us, chirping again. Then she did the same with the other wing before hopping back to face us. For all the world, it looked like she was showing off, trying to show us what a beauty she was.

We had no intention of buying a bird, we already had a parakeet named Harry. But we had to take this one home, and we did, naming her Molly.

Molly never did learn how to fly properly. She would try, but never could make it anywhere without several take offs and landings, and leaving feathers everywhere. But she was sweet, and affectionate, and loved to sit on my head when I was doing homework. My dad was totally charmed by her, and would often do his Molly-preening-at-the-pet-shop impression for anyone who'd watch.

Molly only lived for a few years; she had other health issues as well. But I feel like if we hadn't adopted her, no one else would have. And when she died, I really missed her. Decades later, thoughts of her and my dad sitting on the couch, watching TV together, still make me smile.

Jenni said...

Joanne, what a good story about your bird. A couple of years ago a I brought home a blue parakeet from a furniture showroom in NC. It kept escaping from its cage. One Saturday morning Chris and I went out to breakfast and the bird was singing, and so happy in the swing. It also finally got where we could hold it with out it pecking the blood from your finger. When we got home a couple hours later it was dead. ??? We only had it a couple of weeks. I was so sad.

modernemama said...

All of our animals are rescues: Polly was tied up outside the animal shelter, Cassis' mother was a stray and he just walked into our house at 4 weeks and helped himself to food. Jefke was "on special offer" at the vet's as were the kittens Maya and Hermes. Hermes was apparently found in the engine of an old chevy and is one lucky cat. Maya's mother was also feral. And Sadie? You can read her story here

Marilyn said...

You know I adore that Puppy face; I just want to scritch under that chin and kiss his nose. My dog Cleo (Ms. Cleo to you :)) was 11 weeks old in a giant concrete enclosure, full of fleas and worms, with the most beautiful pooch face in the world. All these great stories are about lucky pets, but clearly we are luckier people.

Jenni said...

Marilyn- Ms. Cleo does have a beautiful face. I am glad that you have your lucky dog.

Modernemama- WoW what stories. I really liked reading Sadie's diary. Thanks for sharing.

*plum*tree*studio* said...

i do have a story about our dog..who also is a black lab mix. when we lived in st. louis..a gal that i worked with told me that her friend was giving away lab puppies and asked if i was interested. i of course said yes! she told me that there was a female chocolate lab with green eyes that was available. i told her that we'd take her. the day before we were to drive to pocahontas, il to pick her up..the lady called and told me that the female had been given to another family. she said that she had an all black male you want him? i said yes! so we drove to this farm in the middle of no where. the husband met us in his overalls and said that the male had been looked at by four different families. none of the families wanted him. some of them said his head was too big. so the husband told us that he named him "big head tom". when b and i got to see him...we thought he was the most beautiful puppy we had ever seen. we took him home...fleas and all...he was so scared that he stood in the corner next to the door the whole night. we've had him for 9 years this june. he is the best thing that has ever happened to us. we of course changed his name from "big head tom" to NOAH.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your pictures of the Little People Dog and they are beautiful! May I use them in a publicitry campaign for my new play? I don't know if you monitor this blog anymore...but please contact me at!