Monday, May 5, 2008

Saturday Nite...

There was an event.

At Townsville College.

A Free Event.

There was this band. A band that we listened to in the late 90's.

A band that college youngsters listened to when they were............9 or 10.

This band actually was right down the street. A short walk away.

This never happens in Townsville.

I don't even think we were the oldest folks at this event. (Close, but hopefully not the oldest.)

I elbowed my way to the front, supported a few crowd surfers, and was able to take some pics. (A little blurry because they would not stop the concert and stand still long enough so my old digital could take a clear shot with out a flash)

Chris stayed behind. He really did not want to get up there with that crowd.

When the band left the stage, for the encore, I left to find my husband.

Guess where I found the husband? Go ahead, take a guess....


HUH!!......... He knew the drummer in the opening act and was able to get backstage.

Ok, maybe this band is so 90's. Maybe that is why they came to Townsville. Maybe that is why the event was free. Maybe that is why Husband was able to get back stage.

Maybe, I do still like their music. And..........I do.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun! There needs to be more free concerts within walking distance.

Josh said...

A bargain at twice the price! It sounds like a very fun night-- good for you.

Laur said...

Sister Hazel for free = always good. . . but then again, I paid for the Gin Blossoms last year. . .

Jenni said...

We did have a good time. :)