Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look....Actual progress taking place.

Yes, Progress on the house. Something is being done.

Confession Time.....

After searching the archives right here on this site. I found out that I last worked on the porch ceiling Aug. 14, 2007. That is the date I rolled tinted primer above the location of the where the light fixtures were to be installed. I had one gallon of tinted primer, and that would have been enough for the entire ceiling if I were not wearing 1/3 of that oil based gallon.

Okay.... I am not too good at rolling ceilings and removing all that paint from my hair was even a worse experience. So.... I procrastinated actually painting the ceiling. The ceiling looked like this only with the fixtures installed for 10 months.

Blogger tells me, that the number one reason new readers find this site is because they are searching for blue porch ceilings, Haint Blue, and colors of blue for porch ceilings.

I start feeling guilty. People are visiting to check out the porch ceiling and it is not even finished yet.

On Friday....

I open the can of Benjamin Moore 2049-60 Forget Me Not, and got busy. It is a good shade for those looking for a Haint Blue. Not too light, not too dark.

This is a paint that color that Chris had used on a client's house. A 1880's Victorian influenced farm house. He really liked it and sometimes he gets to make decisions on the house.

Since I am not too good with a roller, I used a brush.

I did leave one little spot, where the beaded board need re-installing a little better. It was removed to try to see where the ceiling joists were located a few months back. Remember?

And no, we don't have the porch swing installed yet. But we have a plan. The porch is going to be installed about the location where I am standing only centered. I will run that plan past you in another post.

The reason I left this spot is.......if the paint were to gum up the area where it needs to pop back in, the board wouldn't pop back in, causing more grief. I was waiting on Chris to work on this, but I may take it on myself.

In the pic above, you can also see that I have the second rocker sanded and primed. Also the mailbox is re-installed. If you want to see all the dirt and cobwebs above the moulding, click the image. Eugh.

One step at a time.

Oh ! One last thing.....
As I was scraping away a couple of areas where the paint was chipping, I find that the porch ceiling was originally stained. Other than the floor, the porch ceiling seems to be the only wood in this house that was ever stained. Go Figure........... I had a picture.... but when It was downloaded it was really bad.

We are almost officially safe from Haints and Hags.


Green Fairy said...

What a beautiful porch! I'm jealous. We have a front step and no room for chairs.

When I lived in Iowa City, a friend had a farmhouse about 20 miles outside of town, in an Amish community. Like several of her neighbors, she had painted her windowsills and door frame blue to keep out evil spirits. Or, as she put it, any evil things that were trapped in the house would be forced to leave, and couldn't come back in because of the blue paint barrier. I'm not sure she totally believed it; it was more a "better safe than sorry attitude," and "if the neighbors are doing it, well..." Anyway, it wasn't the same haint blue color, it was a rich, bold blue.

We're considering painting our doors and window frames blue. Just in case.

Nate said...

It looks so nice. The blue porch ceiling was always on my to-do list. Oh well.

Jenni said...

I have seen the bold blue windows. Also a stronger blue for the ceilings. If I were to choose, I may have gone a bit stronger. But I am very happy with the tone.

And hey...it can't hurt. No one wants evil spirts around.

Jen & Stan said...

I love the colors on your porch and how the yellow door and red chair POP.