Thursday, May 22, 2008

Project of the Day...Mailbox

Giving the mailbox that is beside the front door a little TLC is the project of the day.

Original to the house?.... I am not sure.

My gut is telling me no. I listen to my gut a lot. I call my gut Ms. Cleo. Or is Ms. Cleo my instinct? Or is she a gut instinct? What exactly is the difference or is it the same thing? I've never really thought about it until now.

You do remember Ms. Cleo, right?

" Dis de mailbox." Spoken, of course, in my best Jamaican accent, which is not very good.

The tools gathered are the wire brush and some steel wool. (And a camera.)

I forgot, I needed some gloves. I gotta try to keep the hands youthful and all. Gloves also keep some of the grossness out from under your nails. After brushing a bit, I decided I needed a little sandpaper.

The box's metal actually has a pretty nice finish with out any paint. I thought about polishing it up and giving it a clear coat.

I decided against it. I found the Kilz oil-rubbed bronze paint that I bought on sale a couple of months ago. It was $2. I knew at the time I would find a use for $2 oil rubbed bronze spray paint. It is that good Kilz paint that sprays on like a dream. If you dream about spray paint. I don't.

The big reveal..........

There is a little dent near the window area.

Total time = about 2 hours. Total money = about $4. I did use steel wool and a sheet of sand paper. Total if I had to get in the car and buy supplies......about $30. Yep, most of that would be gas.

The days of the mailman using this box are long gone in Townsville. He uses the box on the curb. Once I find some new screws, I am re-installing it. The old screws stripped out when I removed the box. But now.....I need to figure out what's for supper.

Don't forget about telling your Lucky Pet=Lucky People story. We would love to hear about it.


Andi said...

Love the mailbox! I'm with you I don't think it is original but it will look great up on the wall.

Greg said...

Very nice. Good to go for another couple of decades at the least. I love seeing people restore than replace.

Anonymous said...

Mailbox looks awesome.

My Dad loved Miss Cleo!

--Renovation Therapy

Green Fairy said...

Nice paint job! Now you've shamed me into finishing my mailbox project, which I started in--I think--February.

Anonymous said...

I love the mailbox. You are right, most of the supply money would went for gas.
Good job.

Sandy said...

The mail box turned out so nice!

natalie said...

wow, jenni! that looks fabulous!!!!
natalie (

modernemama said...

It scubbed up beautifully

Jennifer said...

Very nice... way to save money! It looks good.

Oliver's Bungalow said...

The mailbox looks great. And I'll bet it is made better than any new mailbox you could buy for $30.

*plum*tree*studio* said...

you are so crafty jenni!! the mailbox looks great!

Larry said...


Great job!