Friday, January 4, 2008

"I think, I love you"

This is the non working piano that came with the house....( Well one key works...)
This is the reason it doesn't work.
(I was cleaning it up this past week and figured out it opened from the bottom. )

It has parts that are an old bakelite type plastic connecting the keys to the strings.
and these pieces are all cracked and broken(except for one) and in the bottom of the piano with a few spider webs. (believe it or not----NO evidence of rodents!)

It was made in the USA (not China). Those were the days.......sigh.... However, by a company,Wurlitzer, better known for juke boxes.

I guess that is the reason why this was found in between the strings?

As a youngster, I had a couple Partridge Family, David Cassidy and Shaun Cassidy albums. I watched the re-runs on TBS. And even.........(can't believe I am confessing this.....) liked watching the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries.
Here it is if you need a quick flashback.
I was little...and didn't know better.


Anonymous said...

Is it hopeless, ready for the street, or is it repairable?

Jen said...

I am holding out and hopeful. No money in budget for piano repair so, I continue to dust it.

Anonymous said...

How funny! About the Partridge Family record, I mean!
Obviously, someone in the pianos past had impeccable taste in
Good luck on the piano!