Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Walk:Part 2

This stately Neo-Classical/Greek Revival has 6 wonderful Doric columns.

Yet, another fine example of the Doric Columns, built 1850's.
The columns on this home wrap 3 side.

Moving along, we find a splendid example of Ionic Columns.
Check out those fantastic scrolled brackets holding up the balcony.

Here is a photo how the home looked when built in 1909. (10 years before ThirteenEleven)

I am trying to keep the architectural styles of the homes grouped together, so each week, we'll have a quick tour and style guide of the homes in our neighborhood.


Sandy said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Sandy said...

p.s. Muck may not be the correct term, but it is one I definitely understand!

p.p.s. I'm not sure why they were so hungry. I've never heard of an eagle doing that before. The only think I can think of is that they have become used to man's penchant for being a slob and have become a bit lax in looking for their own food when man makes it so easy to get food without hunting for it (kind of like the seagulls have learned).