Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Clue...1915?

I realized this morning that I hadn't bought my car tag. Oops. It was due on my birthday, but the tag is good until......well today. Since I was at the new courthouse, and already passed through it's airport like security, I thought I would see what I could find out on the history of ThirteenEleven.

I met a very nice man, who was quite helpful and took the time to pull up the impressive computerized files on the deeds. (Let me tell you, I am never impressed with anything this city does. So I was taken back a step to see that : 1. They had computers. 2. They actually paid someone to enter information into the computers. 3. They use AutoCad for the property drawings. 4. You can find out a lot of information on-line.... yes ! I typed.... on-line...)

He proceeded in finding the files on PO's, but he actually had less information than they had at the historical society. However, he did have a very interesting detail, that no one else has had. The information at the court house states that the house was built in 1915. (4 years prior any information that we already had.) I also found out that the house next door was built in 1920, which leads me to believe that the man at the archives was not correct in his theory about the neighbor building our house for his daughter. That just doesn't add up.

We talked a while, he was a retired basketball coach at the school whose property border's the Kudzu Jungle. (the backyard) He seemed to think that the reason the records came to a dead end was that the courthouse burned in 1936.

I headed home, new car tag in hand and a new bit of information. The house may have been built in 1915 instead of 1919.

This is the courthouse which was built in 1904 and burned in 1936.

When I was looking for this picture in my book, I found where it reads "diligent local citizens saved most of the county's records." I think I need to make another trip to the new courthouse. There may be hidden files somewhere that weren't entered into the computer.

This is a shot of the not new, but not old, Art Deco style courthouse built in 1939.
That is Georgia Marble folks.
Looking for a picture of the new courthouse? is nice on the inside, with a great grey marble on the walls inside the elevator, and appears to be functional. As for the architecture of the exterior............
not photo worthy.
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Anonymous said...

Please don't dislike blogging. I love your site.

Jen said...

Blogger, not the blog. The format that you actual write in blogger seems to be poorly designed.

Sandy said...

Hi, Jen! For now it has stopped snowing. I think we have about an inch or so for now, but there is more coming! We are still under a Winter Storm Warning. Sigh.

p.s. Happy Birthday!

Sandy said...

Hi, Jen! Thankfully we only got about 2 1/2 inches. The storm has gone it's merry way and we dodged the big dump!