Monday, January 7, 2008

Strange Siding

Yep.. Looks like Cardboard to me, too.
That is what Chris found under the newer window in the kitchen when he was working on the deck. Guess we'll be replacing that.


Jennifer said...

That looks an awful lot like the siding on our garage!! I will have to go and take a closer look at it.

Karen in Wichita said...

Cardboard, or horsehair? (I've never actually seen horsehair insulation, only heard of it, so I'm guessing wildly.)

Jen said...

It is a paper product of sorts and it is the siding, in this area at the back of the house. It is the same as the painted white "board" above it. The house had horse hair plaster. And someone else on house blogs found what looked like horse hair insulation wrapped in a black paperish product.
The back of the house has had several renovations over the years and it looks like at some point they took a really cheap route.