Sunday, January 13, 2008

Re-Use Idea for Re-modelers

Don't you just HATE those nail and screw boxes. They always seem to fall apart, spilling their contents all over. One day last summer, frustrated with the nails and screw boxes spilling everywhere, I looked over and noticed the water bottles waiting to be re-cycled. I thought.......hum...........that would be great!!!!

So here is ThirteenEleven's re-use idea to share with all you re-modelers and house bloggers. It works so well distributing a screw at a time and the bottles fit neatly in a tool belt. Upside down (top on of course) they fit in the round tool holder on a ladder.
(They also make holders just for water bottles.)

Make sure the bottle is good and dry. Air it out for about a week.


Fred said...

I like the idea a lot. I wonder if a shorter bottle might make for an even better container. But its nice that you can relabel easily.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Great idea! I was just thinking abou tdoing something similar with all of the plastic tupperwares that are getting old.