Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Walk: Part 4-Square

One of my favorite craftsman style homes in town. Just click and zoom in at the detail on the porch to the right of the tree. With some updates on the paint and removal of the screen porch, this one could be pretty handsome.
Not a 4 square, but it certainly has strong Craftsman influence. In my opinion it, someone went a little overboard with the thick obelisk like columns. Believe it or not this one was born a Victorian. I have a picture of it somewhere in a book. When I find it, I will share.

What a difference a week makes. Today it is in the low 60's and finally sunny again.

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Skymosher said...

Great pictures! I'm really enjoying your Sunday walks and I get to sit. :)

My foursquare's porch is glassed in with storm windows. Even with glass, it makes the front of the house look blockier than a cube house should. I dream of beautiful removable wood frame screens.