Friday, January 11, 2008

Thick Paint

A paint chip from the exterior of our house. Looks like our house has always been white. We will have to change that one day. There are too may white houses in our neighborhood.

And.........I think someone with a furry tail is living here. Reminds me of a favorite childhood book, Miss Suzy, the gray squirrel that lives in a doll house in the attic. Sorry, but Miss Suzy will have to leave soon. There are many Pecan trees in the Kudzu Jungle to live in. May not be as warm and cozy but the pitter patter of squirrel feet really bother Puppy and me.


Anonymous said...

It should read...really bothers Puppy and me.

An old teacher.

Jen said...

Thanks, I am poor at spelling and grammer. My husband is good at that.

Sandy said...

Doesn't matter how you spelled it... we knew what you meant! (once upon a time an English major)

A squirrel would have to be nuts not to want to live in a pecan tree (pun intended)!!