Saturday, March 1, 2008

Laundry Doors

Habitat Re-Store Find.
For a whopping $30, we found a pair of 24"doors that match the rest of the doors in the house to place on the opening to the Laundry nook.

Yippie!! I will be so glad to have doors to close off that area.

They have what appears to be their origional hardware. ( Which doesn't match ThirteenEleven's. )

Now, some stripping is in order....I do wish all of our other doors didn't have the extra whole drilled in them for the deadbolt lock. (Yes, each and every interior door in the house had a deadbolt lock.)If it weren't for the extra whole, I would strip and stain the doors. But instead, it is strip and paint.

Or....... Chris--DO NOT read this....... maybe I could find all new old matching doors at Habitat Re-Store, and strip them.

Marilyn, Does the mailbox look familiar?

Ours needs some TLC, like the rest of the exterior of the house.


Jenni said...

First things first, lets get them off the front porch.

Marilyn said...

Jenni, would you believe I just noticed this now? What a dope. Yes, there's something veeerrry familiar about that mailbox. Adorable, but it sure doesn't hold all those catalogs. :)