Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cell update...

One of the worse things that could happen to a cell phone happened to mine the other day.
Yes, It fell in the toilet.
Really, it is never in my pocket. Except for that day.

Thank goodness it was a fresh bowl.

I fished it out very fast, then decided to rinse it in the sink. What is a little more water gonna hurt?

Then I quickly took out the battery and the chip, and shook it some more. Next came the hair dryer for about 5 minutes or so.

I wiped down the outside with some rubbing alcohol. You know just in case.

You have seen all the reports on the cleanliness of restaurants, you know the ones where the toilet water tested cleaner than the ice in the ice machine. I am keeping my mind there. Not that I would drink it or anything. Just that if the phone could be saved, I can get over its little diving expedition.

I took the phone apart the best I could. The iddy bitty screws had what appears to be a bugle head. So the Hex set (shown in yellow) really didn't work. I then remembered a gift from Chris. A nice romantic Leatherman multipurpose tool. It had a couple of tiny tools. It was a flat head that just fit into the bugle screw and worked perfectly fine.

I used the hair dryer on all the parts. Then let it dry out over night.

Put it back together. (photo in progress of putting together)

And it worked. The dates were really off, I guess from shutting completely down. I fixed that. The only thing that I can tell that is not working properly is the missed calls feature. So if you call me, leave a message.

Special Thanks to Jan over at Gear Acres. The only thing I did wrong was turn it on too soon. I guess I was lucky this time or the hair dryer really helped, or when I paid too much for this phone it was worth it. Or some random combo of all three.

So if you seem me at the big orange box and I am on my phone, you all know where its been.

There was one time in my life that I would have totally freeked and insisted that I have a new phone and would have not, no matter what, placed my hand in a toilet bowl. Right Mom?



Anonymous said...

You probably would have flushed the phone. There is no way you would have fished anything out of a commode bowl. They had to look and smell just right for you to sit down.


Sandy said...

Gotta love moms... they tell it like it is! LOL

Isn't Dynochick great?!

Jenni said...

Well flushing it was the first thought, and they still have to look just right in order to sit down.