Saturday, April 12, 2008

There is a Hang-Up in our plans.

Or, lack of ---hang-up.

I know you remember the porch swing. It has been sitting on the front porch for a couple of weeks just waiting to be used. But first it has to be hung.

Easy task, right? There are hooks already there in the porch ceiling. They just need to be moved back a bit, and out a bit. The tape measure is out and estimation is done on just where the ceiling joist should be. A couple of holes are drilled. 16" on center? 18" o.c. ? Just where are those joists?

You say go to the attic to see where the joist are located. No problem, the attic access is about 16"x20" wide. Not too bad, the electricians went there. It is just in the laundry area above the shelf, (full of detergent, cleaners, and dryer sheets) 10' up in the air.

Oh look! Over the porch, only over the porch, tongue and groove flooring is installed.
O.k. So you can't see the location of the joists, without ripping out flooring.

What do you do next?

A. Say ugly words?

B. Have a drink?


Drill creative patterns in the beaded board ceiling.

Why nothing around here is ever easy!!!

The good news is the grass is cut, but the porch swing is still sitting, not swinging.


Sandy said...

Alas, I would have probably said a whole lot of ugly words...

*plum*tree*studio* said...

oh no!! a porch swing during this time of the year would be perfect...i know that is just what you were thinking too duh! well hopefully you get it up and swinging soon...

EGE said...

Ohm that picture made me laugh. I choose D. all of the above.

Jenni said...

D, It was, Ege! Glad I could pay you back with a laugh. I still owe you a hundred more.

Jennifer said...

Oh no! I don't suppose one of those "stud finders" would help, would it?

Amalie said...

That's how we find a stud around our house! Ugh-- that sinking feeling when the drill just looses all resistance and you know you've hit dead air again.

D. All of the above, it is!