Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hole in Tree and the Burning Man.

Images of the hole in the pear tree.

My guess is this was a clothes line, that the tree grew around.
(This makes me want a clothes line. I love the feel and smell of line dried sheets and towels.
As a child, at my grandmother's house we would run through the towels and sheets on the line. Such fun. )

Chris thinks this is a horse shoe.

and Do you remember those limbs in the back back yard?
They are gone.
Too bad we didn't have hot dogs or marshmallows.
Sorry the pic is blurry, I took it using the super zoom setting on the camera, at night, from the deck about 40 yards away.
Yes, he did call and get a permit.


Marilyn said...

The hole in the pear tree is really beautiful, Jenni - and it tells a story! Nice pics.

Sandy said...

You take the nicest pictures! Loved the bonfire -- I vote for smores!!!

Jennifer said...

What is it about fruit trees and holes? My apple tree has a nice hole in it, too! Not quite as cool as that one, but still!

natalie said...

you're better than us with the permits (haha)!
we have wire fence around some of our trees too. i found out yesterday they had a cow and chickens....and were right downtown!
can you even imagine what life was like back then?! :-)