Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Walk: Part 16

Who is smiling now?

On our walks, don't forget to look up.

There are plenty of details to see,
and they show up well,
with blue skies behind them.

Hope you have had a delightful Sunday. We've been working on the Kudzu Jungle ,the front yard, and a vege garden. I'll send (not seen) you pics and updates next week.


Sandy said...

Another beautiful walk! I love that weather vane. So cool!

modernemama said...

what is the hand? Or should I say to what is the hand attached?

Jenni said...

Marquis de LaFayette statue at Town Square.

Jennifer said...


Jenni said...

Why didn't somebody tell me I had seen instead of send?

natalie said...

i love these walks! so beautiful!

i keep trying to figure out what city you're in. it's seems more to the south of me (your plants are always blooming sooner) and full of old houses. milledgeville? columbus?

Josh said...

I am enjoying the Sunday Walk series. Nice pictures, again, Jenni. I think my favorite is the first one-- what a stately way to cap a roof.