Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still working in the yard.

The bonfire is still burning in the far part of the back yard.
Chris keeps finding tree limbs to burn. I don't think the PO ever brought any of the limbs to the curb. Just placed them in a pile and the kudzu grew over them.

I cleaned up some leaf debris from the front yard. (Yes it is April, end of April, and we still had leaf debris in the front yard.) I used the leaves as mulch in the vege garden.

I am almost finished with the flower bed in the front to the left side of the sidewalk. Including digging up those stepping stones. The stones seem to be granite, not slate, as I had thought. I moved them and re-set them. One still wobbles. ( I had Weeble Wobbles, once.)

Oh, and last weekend we planted 7 small azalea plants in the front yard. I could not find the Stewartsonian color, but did find a orangy red. Not as vibrant as the other, but the plants were under $3 each. Then our neighbors planted some more azaleas, and sellected plants in the same color family. This should provide a nice show of color at the property line in a couple of years. On our side I made sure that I planted the plants about 3-4 feet off the property line, so when the plants grow they won't grow into their side. They planted right on the property line. I just don't quite understand that. Oh well.... I guess the same reason they always place their yard debris on our side, not theirs.

While working in the front yard, I have seen 3 wrecks. Two right in front of our house. I guess folks are trying to figure out where we are doing next. This town tends to be quite nosey. Pay attention to the car infront of you people of Townsville!

Til next time......


Green Fairy said...

Three wrecks, seriously? What is up with that?

Jenni said...

Our house is on a busy street and traffic backs up sometimes and they don't pay attention, and bam.
Fender bender.

modernemama said...

azaleas for $3? Seriously? It's almost worth the gas to drive down south and load up the truck with plants.

Jenni said...

1 gallon size container, $3. They are the smaller plants. But @ $3, they will grow.

Sandy said...

I wonder if azaleas would do well here in Michigan? They sound so pretty. I have tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, spring irises and crocus. The hydrangea finally croaked. The thing never did bloom after I planted it.