Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Uncovered-Day 2

Front Yard

.....and a little more on the back yard.

While Chris works on the back part of the back yard, hacking away at dead privet, live privet and all sorts of vines and stuff.........

We have 2 lots, making an L shape. The front lot, where the house sits, and the back lot which is directly behind the front lot and behind our neighbor's lot. (Thus, the front part of the back yard and the back part of the back yard. ) No one except Puppy, has actually been to parts of this back lot in years. It is overgrown with privet and kudzu. Those giant limbs fell in a storm last fall, and yes, they are still there. Behind the house, both lots are completely fenced in with chain link. Pretty, No. Functional, Yes. Function over rules pretty for most things around here. Unless we win the lottery, and since we never buy tickets, um.....we're never gonna win. Oh, it does look much better than Fall of '06! Inch by inch we will re-claim this part of the yard.

.....I begin to edge around the concrete parking area between the new garden and the deck.

What did I find? More Bricks. Those great Plainville Bricks.

"I know exactly what I am going to do with these."

Remember the front flower bed. I edged with other found bricks.

There is an area to the left side of the house that could use a flower bed as well. This will make things all symmetrical.

See the picture up there to the right. It would be logical to have matching flower beds on both sides of the sidewalk in front of the house.

I begin to carefully dig, because this is where the new water line enters the house.
I keep hitting what I think is concrete. Slowly I dig a little more and a little over and discover there is a pattern to this "concrete".

"This couldn't be old sewage lines, or anything else."

I decide to gamble. Since we don't take chances on those lottery tickets.

I dig a little deeper with the shovel at one of the concrete spaces.

I find......

Old stepping stones. They look like large pieces of slate. About 6"-8" thick.

So now I need to dig up these stones move them over a bit, in order to have a space to line the new flower bed with the found bricks.
For this day. I stop. You see that strong afternoon sun at my back. Enough!

To be continued.....one day this week. Maybe....


Anonymous said...

I love the word privet...makes me feel all fancy n British...

Jenni said...

Now you have me saying privet in my best British accent. Well......Southern British...ya'll.

Sandy said...

The flower bed looks so nice lined with the bricks. You might have a time of it moving those stepping stones!

*plum*tree*studio* said...

wow what an adventure! i remember digging up things in our yard when we first moved here...but nothing like those fantastic stones or those great bricks...more like plastic spoons..fake flowers and outdoor mats....oh and a hose!

Green Fairy said...

What fun! I love digging in the yard and finding stuff...toy soldiers, an old bell. And a sidewalk behind the garage!

modernemama said...

super stepping stones, brilliant find

nolan & brandon said...

Brandon found a toy gun the other day. And a rusty pair of scissors. I'm glad we're not the only ones going through this type of "spring cleaning"!

nolan & brandon said...

Oh, and privet = evil, no matter how fancy you say it!