Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another Outdoor Furniture Face-lift

The same day Chris brought home the rocker, he brought home this metal patio table.

It was in good shape, just a few small rusty spots.

I cleaned it with 409. It was coated with the powdery white stuff from the old paint. I sanded the rusty spots with a fine sand paper. Then rubbed the table with a fine grade steel wool. Then on to priming, of course.


More painting.
Clear coat on Top.

It will need at least one more coat of the clear coat top. But I need to wait until the sun is down a bit. The sun makes it dry too fast.

I was worried that I would not have enough of the Castleton Mist color (2 cans)so I opted to paint the legs gray.

One thing I have learned with all this spray painting is that there never seems to be enough. Always buy a little extra. If you save the receipt you can return un-used cans.


Kelli said...

That looks great! I love the color. I've gained a whole new appreciation for spray painting this year, with re-painting all the registers and door hardware in my house. And yes, you should always buy a couple of extra cans.

Sandy said...

I like the fact that you painted the legs gray. Looks nice already!

natalie said...

hi! thanks for the comment. you know i have been reading your blog for a few months now, right? is that how you found me? :-) you're on my favorites on my computer and i check every day. so glad you found me!!

Marilyn said...

It really looks good - and you've gotten really good at doing it! Next time I find some rusty metal furniture I'm coming back to read them again.

Jennifer said...

Who knew that table could look that good! Bravo!