Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Swing is in....

The swing came in today. It was on the porch when I got back from saving a dog and the grocery store.

The dog was walking down the sidewalk carrying it's leash, with no owner in site. It had a rabies tag. I called the doc's office listed, and of course it was closed, so I left a message with the service. Finally a long 15 minutes ( I was busy and had things to do.)went by and I called again. They patched me through to the office who gave me the name and number of the owner.

The owner said, "Lord.....Thanks you.....he's be done got away from me, dis mornin." (Really it was something like that.) I brought her the dog and she was very happy and told me the dog had been in jail for running away before. She just got him out of jail, week before last, along with her nephew. At that point I was ready to leave. I am sure jail for the dog was the pound, but I am not sure about the nephew. Poor little pup was very cute but reeked of cigarette smoke. Can dog's get lung cancer? Also did she know Lord actually once lived at the house? Lord Morrison that is.

Back to the swing.

  • Over all I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.
  • I was able to assemble the swing in under 30 minutes, well except one part.
  • The finish was lacking, but I really wanted the porch swing Paprika red anyway.
  • The style is nice, but it doesn't look too comfortable. Very straight back, but you do hang a swing on a little angle.
Tools needed. Only the little metal "L" thingy supplied. Hex key/Allen wrench that is, but I prefer the yellow set. The automotive thingy in the back, would have worked well if it would have fit in the space. Reminds me-- put that back in Chris tool box. You know we can't share tools. I also went a bit over board with the mallet, but it was the first one I saw. (In the linen closet, aka : the tool closet.) That goes back too.

Norm would not approve!..... used the screw driver to clean this out.......

This is the bolt that would not go in. The built in metal part seemed stripped. I'll let Chris take a look this evening. To do list... moisturize those cuticles..

Note to all manufacturers. Have someone random in your company assemble your product using your instructions. Maybe someone in accounting. What is up with instructions now days?

Now... to install the hooks in the porch ceiling......and we will need a little more chain.

Don't forget about this.....we've got some good ones so far....We need your ideas.


Aimee said...

Looks like a fun swing! And I have to second what you said about instructions... they do seem to be hard to use lately and getting worse!

Amalie said...

It's porch swing time! Which reminds me to order ours...

My mom is a graphic designer and every time she sees a set of unreadable instructions, she says to me, "You do realize who writes those things, right? It's me. And you know how good I am at putting together cribs/swings/bookshelves/desks." So yeah-- random assembly is an excellent idea.