Monday, March 10, 2008

The one that got away....and finally

Yep, lost the bid for this light fixture for the hall, after staying up to see the end of bidding.
Oh well next time.

On another note.......the second set of deck steps have finally been installed! Another rail, the details for the rails and posts then stain to go.


Fred said...

Sorry for your loss :-( You'll get 'em next time :-)

I stalked a few auctions on ebay and finally got fed up with getting "sniped" at the last minute. I've found craigslist works better for me.

Congrats on the deck steps and rails, nonetheless.

Jenni said...

I know........I search Craigs list too. Usually on ebay I do better if I bid and not check back til I get the I won or I lost email.

Jennifer said...

That's why I stopped buying on ebay... I lost too many times!

I'll second everyone else on craigslist! Fastest person usually gets the prize, there.

Dawn said...

I almost thought for a second that I sniped that light from you as I was scrolling down. As I recently won a light similar: :D

The secret to ebay is high speed connection, waiting until 10-15 seconds before auction end and putting in your absolute maximum. Other snipers will likely drive up your bid price in that last second fight, but if you are fast enough, its usually not much. And if you do get outbid, you don't feel like you were paying too much by exceeding the price with what you felt most comfortable with.\

It sucks, but with Ebay you have to be willing to play "dirty" sometimes. Our great finds are worth it, too. Some of the fixtures I've won, would've sold for $800+ at local antique light shops. Similar (or nicer!) fixtures (including rewiring cost) are closer to a $250 average.

Jenni said...

Thanks for the tips Dawn....
You have some great fixture finds.