Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Walk: Part 13

Road Trip....

Today we travel south to Pine Mountain, GA.

Yesterday, while at the Farmer's Market I overheard shoppers mention the yearly plant sale at Callaway Gardens. Since I was looking for that Red Azalea, and Callaway is known for the Azaleas I thought I may just find one or two.

Well, I didn't. The sale was under the big top. Yes, boys and girls, in a circus tent. There were many plants, but not many that were........different. I did buy a geranium.

Since there was no entry fee for this part of the Gardens I thought I would show you around. Since we were here and all.

The Beach Pavallion.. So Mid Century.....F.L.W. kinda-ish.

See there is a beach on the lake. Also note.....Today it is cold........ burrr.

The inside... Look what I mean about the S.C. Johnson Building. I think they grow vines on the lattice in the summer. If they don't, the lattice needs to go.

The Vege garden. In the Summer,this is my favorite part of the gardens.

Can't we have one of these for the back yard? Pretty Please.


A Sunday walk is not complete with out some house pics......
Both of these are for sale.

We stop in town to stroll throught some antique stores. No good finds...:(
But ,this Soda Fountain is pretty cool. Look at door hardware, and the old... Air Conditioned Inside sticker on the glass.

We peek inside the windows. It wasn't open today. Ooooh. Look at the lights.......and the ceiling.......and the floor..........

Pine Mountain is a cute little resort town.

Don't forget about this... I have to get some of the ideas together to come up with a post. So there is still time...break out your crayolas.


Sandy said...

The walk, as always, was magical. I loved all the old hardware, the old soda fountain... who am I kidding?! I loved ALL the pictures, as usual! LOL

Jenni said...

Thanks Sandy :)