Monday, March 10, 2008

It's '08, what's been completed?

Here it is March, and you are wondering how those resolutions are going on the house aren't you?

Yeah, thought so....

Well, other than cleaning out Ivy and some of the yucky bushes in the front side yard, that's about it. But, while outside, I kept noticing other things.

The exterior paint job that was done about 9 months before we bought the house is totally chipping and bubbling off. We knew it must have been pretty shotty work, since the windows weren't even scraped. But still, were we prepared to have to paint the house this year? Probably not.

The good news is, Chris is a very good painter and has painted several historic houses in town.

I need to get pictures of these.

The bad news is Chris works on houses for a living. So the interest level in our house sometimes is not there. Kinda like the taxi driver vacation thing....

The good new is I get to pick out some good paint colors.... The bad news....... I get to pick out some paint colors??? Yikes..... I've sorta thought about it and ordered the 8x8 swatches, but not they are not WOWing me.

More good news...We gotta get those windows fixed, you know, in order to get them painted. More bad news.... fixing windows will be my job. I really am good at detail work. I keep telling my self that.

Bad news. All of those weird cardboard looking planks? will have to be replaced. And you all know opening anything up on a old house means a least 1,276 more things to do.

So officially, before the house rots down, we are going to add painting the exterior to our list.

Now, what can we remove?.................lets

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