Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Walk: Part 9

A Walk to Town and Back.

Then. early 1900's

Now. 2008

This block in town has stayed the same.

Sadly, the next block over............

There are poor (VERY BAD!!!) plans to tear down this old bank.
Sorry for yelling, just a little frustrated with town "leaders" and their detrimental decision making. Why try to crowd a hotel in such a tiny lot? I just pray that the same architect who designed, I type that loosely, the courthouse, doesn't design the hotel.

Not, that I am against a hotel in town, especially a Marriott Courtyard.

I feel that I spent a combined total of 3 years of my life in a Courtyard. Marriott has always been very good to me.-- leaving treats in my room--- welcome signs at the door--friendly smiles at the desk--and upgraded suites on request.

Just not there. Why there? Why try to crowd such a big building in a small space, and overwhelm the architecture of a small town? And to think...... I was criticized, by some busy body old lady at church for wanting someone new on city council and by placing a neighbors campaign sign in the yard and not her husband's friend.

Well, that my friends, is the down side of small town ! Blah! Blah! Triple Blah!

Let's get back to the walk.
Sundays are a day of peace, and those thoughts raise my blood pressure.

More pictures, for your enjoyment.

I hear you asking...

"Who is that guy in bronze?"

"Why, that is the General Marquis De' Lafayette."

He stands in the middle of town square which is actually a circle. Don't ask, 'cause I don't know. Surrounding him is a fountain. Since we are in a severe drought, the fountain is turned off.--- A dry fountain, does not a pretty picture make.

I am sure the original ---yet to be known to us ---owners of ThirteenEleven walked to town often, but in uncomfortable lace up shoes.


Jenni said...

I don't understand blogger formatting?! I've been trying to "fix" the spacing for 30 mins. Oh well.....

Sandy said...

At least I'm not the only one that has trouble with the spacing in blogger... LOVED the pictures (as always)! It is too bad they are trying to put a hotel in such a small space. Twits!