Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Walk: Part 12

Love the window.

This house is like ThirteenEleven. A little more narrow.
Love the windows and door (behind the screen) and side lights. Good porch railing as well.

Even though this pic is on flicker...I did walk past this house...I have a cousin was across the his boss's house.... a Tudor........ I'm saving Tudors for another post.

Look ferns....
The sun does not always work with you.

Happy Easter ! I hope you found the prize egg.

As a child, my sister and I went to Easter egg hunts in the park below the bungalows on the hill. (shown above) I don't remember finding the prize egg, maybe my sister did. I ask Chris if he ever went to the Library's egg hunt. He said..."No, are you crazy." Yep, I guess that is a difference between boys and girls. But he sure does eat those Robin Eggs, which is my favorite easter candy.


Sandy said...

Robins Eggs are my favorite, too! I absolutely loved the last two pictures. Those porches are absolutely beautiful! Makes me want to jump right into the picture and have a "set" on the porch! Thanks, as always, for the lovely walk. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Fred@OPC said...

Beautiful collection of homes... I particularly like the bold red one. My sister owns a bungalow with a closed in porch. I concur with Sandy, these pictures make you want to jump into the porch. They like theirs closed in, but I think it really offers something opened up.