Sunday, March 2, 2008

Painting of the Bench

This is the Bench that we salvaged from the basement. It doesn't exactly match the chair, but we are pretending that it does. I used the wire brush and steel wool to clean off most of the rust and debris.
Then, I used grey primer. Lesson learned from the chair, where I used white primer. I should have known better the first time.

Then on to the paprika red spray paint. It needs another coat and the clear finish to make it all shiney. Next, I'll need to find some cushions or fabric to make cushions.
By the time we can entertain on the deck, we will have a place to sit.

(Those "non-vintage"chairs in the background came with the house too. )


Jennifer said...

VERY cute! I love how it looks with the red and the details.

Aimee said...

That is fun, I love the red. I have a set that I will be fixing up soon too. Thanks for the gray primer tip. :) said...

Cute bench! I've had good luck finding cute (and cheap) cushions at Home Goods.

Jenni said...

Home Goods, great Idea! I will look next time I am in Atlanta. (sometimes this week?) Love those TJX company stores.